Pre and Post-Nuptial Agreements

Prenuptial Agreement Lawyer

When preparing for a wedding, you both have many issues to consider.  One of those issues is how to handle the assets that you own prior to the marriage.  This thought process goes against your natural emotions regarding the institution of marriage; however, it is important that you are protected in the event that the marriage should end in the future.

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If you have a family or any other kind of business, an agreement can be drafted to protect the business in the event of a divorce.  This way, if the marriage dissolves, the business will not be subject to a division because it was protected by the agreement.

Some people may decide that after their wedding they would like to enter into another type of agreement which is structured to protect any individual assets that you may have.  This too may be accomplished.

Despite many people’s wishes, decisions regarding the children cannot be addressed in the agreement.

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