Post-Judgment Matters

New Jersey Family Court Lawyers

You may have issues that arise after your divorce or other matter is finalized. Our lawyers will work with you to resolve any and all such matters.  Just because your issue is settled or otherwise resolved doesn’t mean we stop working for you.

There are various issues that may need to be addressed once your matter is settled.  For example, a modification of support may be required if one party’s income has either increased or decreased by a significant amount.  Another reason to seek to have the payment amount modified is if the expenses for the child has increased.  For example, if the child is now attending a daycare facility, the costs for the child have now increased and this may require a modification of payments.

The courts take the enforcement of child support payments very seriously and they will exercise their authority to ensure payment.  This can include seizing bank accounts and they can even arrest non-paying parents.  If you are the party that is owed back payments, we will work to help get you the money you are owed.

If however, you are the person behind on your payments, you should get legal assistance.  We can help in settling this issue to help you get back on track towards making the payments that you owe, or reducing the payments if there has been a change of circumstances.

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