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At the office of Iandoli & Edens, LLC, all of our professionals can serve as your representative in the litigated proceedings, but only our partners can be retained as a mediator.

The goal is to find a solution that is best for everyone. Mediation can be helpful to individuals that have children and those that want to preserve their assets. This eases the strain on everyone involved and may help improve the dialogue between the parties which will hopefully continue to exist long after the process is finalized.

It is important that both you and your spouse are participants in the Mediation process with the hope of reducing any animosity between the parties.  However, if one party is overpowering the other during the mediation process, litigation may be the only option.

Mediation is often a cost-effective solution for dealing with the process and resulting issues, such as custody and all monetary issues. Mediation also allows for innovative and creative solutions to the legal issues.

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