Domestic Violence

You may find yourself the victim of domestic violence, or the defendant under a temporary restraining order, which you may feel is not justified. Our lawyers at the office of Iandoli & Edens, LLC are dedicated to vigorously fight for your rights no matter how difficult the situation you find yourself in and no matter which side you find yourself in the violence accusations.

Abuse is not limited to assault and battery.  It can also occur in the form of emotional abuse and “terroristic threats”, and harassment.  Even though these forms don’t leave a physical mark, these forms of abuse can be just as injurious and can have long term effects.  Our professional staff unfortunately has dealt with these issues a lot, but it is important for you to be as detailed as possible with us so we can best determine the proper course of action, including possibly getting a temporary and/or final restraining order to protect you or defend you in these sensitive situations.

A hearing is typically required to get a final restraining order.  This hearing is treated like a short trial where witnesses may be called to testify.

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