Same Sex Marriage in New Jersey

By Ann M. Edens, Esquire

In October of 2013, same sex marriages were legalized in the State of New Jersey. As this Article is being written, the United States Supreme Court is in the process of deciding this issue on the Federal level.... Read more

Establishing Parentage

By Ann M. Edens, Esquire

Parentage has many meanings for many different people. The courts recognize psychological parents (someone who has been raising a child most often with the belief that the child is biologically theirs), adoptive parents, birth parents, unwed parents, wed... Read more

Considering a Mediated Divorce

By Ann Edens

The mediation process is an alternative to the litigation process to reach settlement of all issues prior to a couple divorcing. Mediation encourages the couple to reach an amicable agreement on all issues. The couple, with the help... Read more

What To Do If You Are A Victim Of Domestic Violence

By Josephine B. Iandoli, Esq.

If you are in fear for your safety, you should immediately call 911 for police to come to your home or you should go to the nearest police station and explain your situation to the police. Police are... Read more

What is Equitable Distribution

By Josephine B. Iandoli, Esquire

When the Courts speak of equitable distribution, the Courts are speaking about the distribution of all assets and debt that accumulated during the marriage. If the parties cannot agree on how to distribute all of the assets and... Read more

Pre-Marital or Pre-Nuptial Agreement

By Ann Edens

A Pre-Marital Agreement, also known as a Pre-Nuptial Agreement, is an agreement made by a couple in contemplation of marriage. It becomes effective upon the parties' marriage. It must be in writing and signed by both parties. It... Read more